Hello, my name is Tushar, aka ditsuke on the interwebs. I'm a senior CS undergrad, generalist developer, anime enthusiast and food adventurist. Over the past 3 years I've contributed to open-source software projects as both a hobby and learning endevour, the highlights of which have been RisingWave and Joomla!. I've also been fortunate to work for early and mid-stage startups like FamPay (YC S19) as a software engineer, writing code directed at solving infrastructure and backend problems in an array of languages — including Rust, Python and Go.

As of July 2024, I work at an early-stage startup in the real-time machine learning space, building out foundational infrastructure for the core platform and my fellow developers.

Want to get in touch? I'm most available on Twitter or alternatively via email: hello@ditsuke.com